Dental implant packaging parts(Pd No. : 3076831)

(Updated : Jan/05/2017)
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[Company Vision]

MTIG (Material Technical Innovation Group) CO., LTD Technology

1. Titanium powder injection molding parts manufacturer sale

    (3D precision parts is easy to manufacture.)

2 . Titanium powder manufacturing sales (Pure 99.5% higher, Ti 325 -800 mash)

3. The price is very cheap (Mass production, automated production)

     Prices are similar to stainless steel components machined parts prices

4. The world's first titanium powder injection parts manufacturing plant (Hwasung


5. Titanium plasma spray coating material powder manufactured for sale

    Atmosphere from the world's first spray coating technology

6. Surface treatment in natural titanium colors (Incheon factory)

7. KFDA standard "biological safety tests (including animal transplantation test) Certification

8. "NET: New Excellent Technology" certification

9. ROHS certification

10. US dry cleaning test passed

11. Korea Patent 15 results, China Patent 1 results

12. Confirmed that the US accounting firm Ernst & Young Current MTIG Technology First

[Product Description]

1. The lower bushing without machining

2. It is manufactured in the powder injection molding method.

3. KFDA based on biological safety testing(animal transplantation testing) certified.

4. Prices are about 1/3 of the machined parts (USD $ 0.30)

5. Korea implant company

    Dio Implant, Dentium, NeoBiotech, the CowellMedi

    Approximately 400,000 / month and delivery.

6. Back to the numbers inserted in the reduced error rate

7. The savings effect

- Manufacturing Cost Reduction

- No further need to purchase the CNC machine.

- If you MTIG and co-production cost reduction by minimizing machining parts

- Reduce expensive raw material purchase costs

- Easy 3D Type implant development.

[Product Specification]


Conventional Threaded Dental Implants

Bio Customized Dental Implants

Raw materials, prices

Imports, expensive price

MTIG Manufacturing, cheap price


Expensive CNC equipment, small production

Mass, automated, 365 days production

(About 200 times productivity compared to existing productivity)

Production Cost

High price

World cheapest price

Production workers

Skilled professional workforce

Simple labor force

Medical materials



Treatment period

Long (at least about 3 months)

Short (about 2-4 weeks)

3D Implants


Practicable (3-dimensional shape)

Rate of Return

Very Low

Very High


Marketing Strategy

Low price competitive,

Tying Product

High price competitive,

High quality, Shorten treatment periods


Same manufacturing process technology competition in worldwide dental implants market

No global competitors,

Worldwide exclusive technology,

Obtained registered China patents

Market Share

Some local areas


New Technology


Bone density bio-customized feature

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Young suk Park
Company MTIG Co.,Ltd.
Address #202, 268-2, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Homepage www.mtig.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/mtig--1072738
Tel 025403617 Fax 025403616
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