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[Company Introduction]

CLIP CO., LTD. recognizes the problem of a safe living space getting worse day by day and focuses on this problem solving and conducts R&D and commercialization in order to meet customers' desire for safe living space through technology commercialization.

As a part of this effort, we have finally commercialized an air purifier that can sterilize germs in the air through joint research and development with Sungkyunkwan University, Gyeonggi Medical Research Center, and others.

In addition, we commercialize the CLO2 disinfectant, developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and distribute it through pharmacies while the risk of virus is recently high.

[Product Description]

Fast / Strong / Harmless / Eco-friendly

Sterilization rate 99.9% viruses and bacteria

CLOEE can remove bacteria and germs 99% like colon bacillus, staphylococcus, vibrio parahaemolycius, salmonella, listeria, shigella, bacillus cereus etc. within 30 seconds after it sprays on.

* Tested by KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute) and KTR (Korea Testing & Researching Institute)

[ Superb sterilizing & disinfecting power]

CLOEE shows more 2.5 times as strong in sterilizing and more 5 times in disinfecting compared to sodium hypochlorite bleach.

* Approved as disinfectant for instrument by KFDA

[ Safe & non-toxic]

Chlorine Dioxide, main ingredient of CLOEE never harms skin or membrane. It is safe even though you drink it carelessly. So, it can be applied to instrument or environment wherever it is needed.

* FDA Approved

* KFDA registered as food additives codex.

(CLOEE is usable as disinfectant for fruits, vegetables, red meat, and seafood directly.)

[ Eco-friendly]

CLOEE never has residue and it does not produce carcinogen like THMs, HAAs, HANs which Chlorine does, we don’t need to worry about pollution.

* Registered as waste water treatment business (2011.8, Seongnam city)

* Selected company for four-river refurbishment project (2012.2, Korea Environment Corporation)


[Product Features]

Efficiency compare to Chlorine





Aqueous Solution

Liquerfied Gas

Disinfection Efficiency against coliform

Kills more than 99% within 41 seconds

(Concentration: 0.25ppm / Ph 8.5)

Kills more than 99% within 60 seconds

(Concentration: 0.25ppm / Ph 8.5)

Concentration that causes odor of Chlorine





After 10 hours reaction: 0.25 mol/

Proper concentration for treating drinking water

0.1~0.2 ppm

0.2 ~ 0.4 ppm

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Jeon Hee-jeong
Company CLEAF CO., LTD.
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/cleaf--EC107201
Tel 0318112000 Fax 05058162000
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