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(Updated : Dec/30/2016)
product information
Model Nm WAE119(L/R)
HS CODE 940330
Keywords Examination Table, Patient, Doctor’s office
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[Company Introduction]

FURSYS Inc. is a Korea-based professional furniture making company that has fully devoted its efforts to furniture industry since its establishment in 1983. FURSYS consists of three different brands -- Korea’s No. 1 office furniture brand “FURSYS,” with an overwhelming 55% market share; premium home furniture brand, “ILOOM,” and high-end chair brand, “SIDIZ.” With total sales of over US$370 million as of 2015, FURSYS is one of Korea’s largest furniture companies. FURSYS’s continuously launching innovative and trend-setting products stem from Korea’s first officially certified furniture R&D center in 1989. Unrivaled design capacity of Fursys springs from R&D oriented corporate management, winning prestigious local and international awards such as Korea Good Design, Reddot, IDEA and IF awards. All of its products are 100% made in its own five factories in South Korea and they sell under the “FURSYS” brand name in as many as 70 countries around the world.

[Product Description]

The smaller the space, the more important the layout structure is. Fursys Health Care’s compact-styled, standard layout allows you to make the most out of a limited space. A detailed layout provides ample space for patients and guardians to place their belongings when receiving their examination.

[Product Features]

Sliding support shelf

Sliding support shelf is installed on top of the storage cabinet, for convenient storage of medications, trays and charts.

Devices to prevent mattress movement

Equipped with a wall and Velcro-finish to prevent the mattress from moving as patients climb up and down from the examination table.

Hanging storage cabinet

Storage cabinet located below the examination table provides plenty of storage space. The upper part of the hanging storage cabinet has a small open shelf that can be used to store items that are used often.

Space below examination table

Space below the examination table allows doctors and nurses to sit comfortably. It is also useful to store items such as patient chairs and trash cans.


WAE119 (L/R)1905 • 705 • 640

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Hyo Jin Kim
Address Fursys Bldg, 311, Ogem-ro, Ogeum-dong Seoul, Korea
Homepage www.globalfursys.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/fursys--1029106
Tel 8224430066 Fax 0234006398
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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