Freefol MCT Inj(Pd No. : 3076284)

(Updated : Dec/26/2016)
product information
Model Nm Propofol 10mg(1%), Propofol 20mg(2
HS CODE 290719
M.O.Q 12,000 Vial (20mL), 5,000 Vial (50mL)
Keywords Propofol, MCT, Vial, Anesthesia, Anesthesics, LCT, Sedation
Seller ID dwpharm

[Company Introduction]

In 1958, Daewon Pharm was established on the basis of founding idea: “the realization of human health.” Although we went through chronological changes, it has been our unchanging role and mission to protect the public health as a company specialized in therapeutic agents.

Daewon Pharm is a capable company that has developed new drugs using excellent technological basis and manufacturing facility. We are devoting ourselves to develop numerous new products to improve the quality of life, and trying our best to become the representative pharmaceutical company of the Republic of Korea.

With the mission statement, “Based on our customer’s belief and trust, be a companion that protects the healthy human life,” Daewon Pharm is ready to make new history in the next 100 years to go beyond a-half-century long reputation of being a therapeutic agent specialist.

Please keep us in your sight as we are trying to put our best efforts on social responsibilities, and developing good products to protect the health and happiness. 

In return for your constant support, we all executives and the staffs at Daewon Pharm will always strive to prepare for the future.

Thank you.

[Product Description]

Freefol-MCT Injection, which has been developed by Daewon Pharm. Co., Ltd., is a sterile, milky white, isotonic, oil-in- water emulsion for intravenous infusion or injection and 1 mL of Freefol-MCT 1% Injection contains 10 mg propofol. It also contains the following excipients: refined soybean oil, medium chain triglycerides, highly purified egg lecithin, oleic acid, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, disodium edetate hydrate and water for injections

[Product Features]

Brand name: Freefol-MCT 1%Injection

Composition: In 1mL Propofol 10mg(1%), Propofol 10mg(2%)

Description: Colorless transparent vial containing white-colored uniform emulsified liquid

Indication: Anesthesia

Dosage and Administration: General Anesthesia – Adults administration 4ml, every 10 sec. for induction

Storage: Hermetic container. Store at 2 ~ 25℃.

Package: 20mL -- 10vials/box 50mL -- 1vial/box

Use term: 3 years

※ The packing unit of all products can be changed as required by order.

※ This drug is manufactured in accordance with Korea Good Manufacturing

Practice(KGMP) as recommended by WHO.

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Lee, Eun-Hyong
Company Daewon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Address 467-24, Kungja-dong, Kwangjin-ku, Seoul, Korea
Homepage www.daewonpharm.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/daewon-pharmaceutical--1012562
Tel 0222047000 Fax 024999110
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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