Portable Hydrogen Water Maker Arui - dew(Pd No. : 3075989)

(Updated : Feb/07/2017)
product information
Model Nm AD1102
HS CODE 854370
M.O.Q 20ea
Keywords Hydrogen, Portable water, Hydrogen water generator, Oxygen free radical, Healing water, healthy wate
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[Product Description]




Arui Hydrogen Water Generator is a new concept water generator which can make us to drink hydrogen by electrolyzing water into nanoparticles and we have technical patent for it. Diabetes complication, skin aging, fatigue, cancer, inflammation and vascular disease are the causes Oxygen free radical.

If you drink hydrogen dissolved water, Hydrogen ion will neutralize Oxygen free radical with binding and it would be discharged by urine or sweat from your body.

Auri hydrogen water generator is product that help promoting health and we have 2 type : one is for home use and other is portable.

[Product Features]

- Tender taste of water, due to minimized water cluster
- Made of environmental friendly, ECOZEN (350ml) that doesn’t produce
environmental hormone
- Sufficient amount of hydrogen produced, to be visible directly
- Natural & healthy mineral producing cap embedded
- Convenient one-touch lid 
- LED installation for checking operation status 
- Hydrogen water produced in 3minutes with one-touch button
- Last for 20~30 times of use with one time charging with cell phone charger!
- Hydrogen water can be made with R. O. water 


 [Product Specification]

Model name

Arui Dew Portable Hydrogen Water Generator(AD1102)

Product Efficiency

Running time.

3 mins. & 5 mins.

Hydrogen dissolved amount


Hydrogen ion concentration

Neutral(low change in pH)



Product Information


Portable Hydrogen water generator

Charging time

About 2 hours

Number of use


Product Constitution

Base, Water bottle, Cap, Mineral cap, Adaptor, instruction manual

Mineral cap component

Magnesium pellet, Calcium Ball, Alkali Ball

Mineral cap replacement time

3~4 months

Product Standard / material / ingredient

Rated input : 100~240V / 50~60Hz

Rated Output : DC 5V 1.2A

Capacity : 350ml / weight : 360g / material : ECOZEN


65 X 75 X 230



Release year

2016 AUG.


Auri Co., Ltd.


Hydrogen production by diaphragm electrolysis

Can make hydrogen water with Pure water


 KC,FCC/IC,CE,PSE of Product



Company Information

company information
Contact Person kang dong suk
Company (corp)ARUI
Homepage arui.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/-corp-arui--EC066126
Tel 07078453115 Fax 029105580
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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