Silicone Hydrogel Lens(Pd No. : 3074149)

(Updated : Nov/22/2016)
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Model Nm O2O2 / O2O2 Toric/O2O2Multifocal
HS CODE 900130
Ceritification CE FDA
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We have developed and implemented our corporate philosophy including management philosophy, policy, and strategy to grow together and contribute to improving the quality of life around the world.

With the spirit of creative challenge, we will strive to create a more affluent innovative technology and contribute to the ones and co-prosperity with all the customers, employees and other new expectations in the medical device industry.The spirit of creative challenge has been a driving force in leading INTEROJO to where it is today


We announced “ Innovation for Human ” as our long term vision with core strategies global orientation, respect for human values, customer satisfaction, technology innovation.

[Product Description]

This material surpasses other soft contact lenses in the areas of comfort, clarity and eye health. The cornea requires oxygen to be healthy. Standard soft contact lenses use water to transport oxygen to the cornea but O₂O₂ contains silicone. Silicone is highly gas permeable so it allows the free flow of ample amounts of oxygen directly through the lens. This direct flow through the lens ensures that the cornea gets a continuous supply of oxygen which promotes a healthier eye.

When the cornea gets sufficient oxygen, the corneal epithelium stays strong, ensuring clear and acute vision. Without enough oxygen the epithelium can break down and microbial keratitis may become an issue. The low water content of O₂O₂ is also effective at keeping debris, including bacteria, from adhering to the lens surface. Wearing a clean lens greatly reduces the likelihood of a microbial infection.

All people may benefit from lenses made with silicone, especially those who prefer extended or continuous wear contact lenses.

- High Oxygen performance helps to keep eyes white and healthy

- Soft and moist lens material for excellent all day comfort

- Round lens edge for great comfort

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company information
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