Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer, LOWTEM Series(Pd No. : 3064769)

(Updated : Jul/21/2016)
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Model Nm LOWTEM Series
HS CODE 841920
M.O.Q 1
Ceritification CE
Keywords Plasma sterilizer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sterilizer, Low Temperature, LowTem
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LowTem Co., Ltd is a professional company, manufacturing low temperature plasma sterilizers. LowTem has been developed over 10 years only to medical products' development and manufacturing. Our long-term experience and knowhow for infection prevention allows us to develop an innovative low temperature plasma sterilizer.

Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer "LOWTEM Series" has its own special "Rapid Warm-up and Dry system", which automatically removes residual moisture through the enhanced drying performance, getting rid of cold points, and maintaining same temperature inside chamber during the sterilization process.

(Smart 30, Crystal 40R, Crystal 50, Crystal 100, Crystal 120M, Smart 150/150D)

The compact size of LOWTEM Series (30, 40R, and 50) can be installed easily in any place in the hospital, and LOWTEM Series standing models (100, 120M, 150, and 150D) are for the OR and CSSD for big hospitals. The by-products from its sterilizing agent hydrogen peroxide are water and oxygen, which contributes green environment, and guarantees user-safety. Fast running cycle increases turnover rate of the delicate and state-of-the art medical equipment of the hospital.

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company information
Contact Person DAHYE KIM
Company LowTem
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/lowtem--EC084016
Tel 0314270792 Fax
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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GBMP 2016 1:1 Business Meeting 2016-03-17 ~ 2016-03-19
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