Vaginal Filler - WinkFeel Diamond(Pd No. : 3064596)

(Updated : Feb/01/2018)
product information
Model Nm WinkFeel Diamond
HS CODE 300610
Ceritification Team Korea Products CE
Keywords thread lifting, PDO thread lifhing, cog thread lifing, filler, botox
Seller ID layunkor



[Company Introduction]

Value Creating Company that manufactures regenerative medicine products.

We, Layunkorea, pursue the creation of a solution for hair loss, obesity, pain, etc. using skin regenerative medicine. 


Large-scale demonstration

Our personal is composed by highly specialized doctors in regenerative medicine that provide support and perform treatments to demonstrate the effectivity of our product at customer's demand.


Customized production supply capacity

We can customize our production acording to client's needs, and delivery as fast as possible thanks to our collaboration with certified manufacturers.


Faster customer responsiveness and continuous care

We can provide help to our customers whenever, as well as supply up-to-date information about the shipment, products and treatments.

[Product Description]



Winkfeel Diamond makes self-collagen and collagen capsule inside the vagina. The effect is good for GSAV.

Collagen and new blood vessels inside the capsule is made will satisfy you and your partner at the same time. KFDA certification received the efficacy and safety has been proven.

Benefit 1.

After the procedure, Winkfeel will prevent vagina walls from thinning and will help to maintain a healthy vagina walls by producing new collagen.

Benefit 2.

Winkfeel helps to improve VRS caused by aging process.

Benefit 3.

Winkfeel will not spread to other parts of the body nor move thanks to its collagen capsule.


[Product specification]


▶ Simple procedure with prefilled syringe

 - 1.1ml syringe per box

▶ Collagen implant effect

 - Stem cell-like action when injected in fat tissues

▶ Safe due to the main ingredient Dextran

▶ Contains Lidocaine (local anesthetics) that minimizes pain during and after procedure

▶ High pressure steam sterilization (Autoclave)

[Product Features]


*Areas of Application

▶ Vaginal walls

▶ Penis enhancement

▶ Glans penis enhancement

 (so far the highest degree of completeness in the world)

▶ Treatment of vesicoureteral reflux



*Winkfeel Clinical Data


Company Information

company information
Contact Person YUN JI HYE
Tel Fax
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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