Digital Healthcare System Development Plaform Education Research(Pd No. : 3056190)

(Updated : Apr/28/2016)
product information
Model Nm INNO-MEDU100
HS CODE 902300
M.O.Q 100
Keywords Wireless, Digital healthcare, Development, Education, Research, Internet of Things, LabVIEW, FPGA
Seller ID innotems

This system is a platform for digital health system education and research which can measure bio signals using four medical sensors.

The Kind of sensors is consisted of four sensors such as ECG, EMG, SpO2 and NIBP.

When you connect the sensor to the product, the signal is processed by the circuit that built in the product. And users can monitor the processed data.

The main system, has developed an Embedded system of FPGA and Real-Time OS using LabVIEW is a graphics language.

We provide a SDK so that users can develop their own systems directly using our product.

In addition, the main system, can be connected to an external device such as a tablet or PC wirelessly using the WIFI network.

Applications that are used in tablets and smartphones can be downloaded free of charge. And if they need to configure the UI, they are able to do it.

Breadboard that located in front is built to be able to practice the circuit design, and required power supply and Digital or Analog signal is used in the external channel located middle of the product.

In case of examples that used in Korea, It has been using for education in term project at some of university. And the other one case is using to research for analyzing the saved Bio-signal.


(Model No. INNO-MEDU100)

INNO-MEDU100 is an engineering education platform for understanding Digital Healthcare System. INNO-MEDU100 is able to measure four biological signal such as ECG, EMG, SpO2, NIBP. Also, Breadboard has a built-in front panel for the study of an additional circuit design. You can develop FPGA and Real-Time Processor by using NI LabVIEW. For training users, can progress the hardware to software and Network preferences. (Courseware are sold separately). 교육 부터 소프트웨어 그리고 네트워크 환경 설정까지 진행 할 oks)


  • Power Adapter

  • USB A to B Data cable

  • Aux cable

  • Driver CD, Installation CD

  • User manual & Warranty


Product Specifications

  • Xilinx Z-7010, 667Mhz, FPGA

  • Dual Core ARM® Cortex –A9 Processor

  • ECG, EMG, SpO2, NIBP signals Measurement

  • LCD Display

  • Analog Input 4ea (500 KS/s, 12bit, 0~5V)

  • Analog Output 4ea (345 KS/s, 12bit, 0~5V)

  • Digital I/O 32ea (Output Voltage : 3.3V)

  • WIFI (IEEE 802.11 b,g,n / ISM 2.4 Ghz)

  • User Button

  • UART Communication (Max baud rate : 230,400 bps)

  • Vision Control with Webcam



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company information
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