Non Leaded Apron(Pd No. : 3034437)

(Updated : Jan/19/2018)
product information
Model Nm N-XR-1
HS CODE 401590
M.O.Q 10 pieces
Ceritification CE
FDA processing , CE
Keywords Non Leaded Sheet, Non Leaded Apron, Radiation shield Apron,Lead Free
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Company Introduction


We manufacture safety , anti-bedsore and sterilization products. 

We have studied radiologic shield products since 2001 

Our company’s boasts of a dedicated in-house team of R&D experts.


We specialize in a cost-effective nonleaded radiation shield that we have developed to meet higher standards for quality . 

Our nonleaded products will lead the markets for operating room and nuclear parts.


products Intoduction 


Customers can choose from several different styles and 4 sizes with familiar colors and patterns. Our apron can be made from 2 types of protective materials.


  1. TRUELIGHT nonleaded   --   TRUELIGHT

  2. Lead only    


Compared to leaded sheet , protection rate of non-leaded sheet is higher .

so our nonleaded apron is remarkably lighter than traditional leaded aprons.


Cost effective .

Quality you can trust

Proven Radiation protection.    

Sheet is not sticky and not contain poros.

Waterproof nylon exterior with pattern.

Nonleaded  or leaded sheet interior

Identification pocket on apron


Non Leaded Sheet  : Standard Dimensions:620 cm in width and 1000 cm in length

                                         Specific Gravity(
비중): 11.8~19


Manufacturing country :  South Korea

Payment Terms: FOB South Korea

Weight :1.9~2.3kg/pieces (025mmpb) 

Protection of Apron:  0.25 and 0.5mmpb.

contact us : Cell) 82-10-4853-5301

Company Information

company information
Contact Person CHOI SUNGHYE
Company Cworld
Address Neungan-ro231beon-gil20 ,Joriyup,Paju-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea Cworld
Homepage www.choiworld.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/cworld--EC108152
Tel 0319421617 Fax 0319411617
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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