PDO Thread - ReNew by Cog Corset(Pd No. : 3027666)

(Updated : Feb/01/2018)
product information
Model Nm ReNew by Cog
HS CODE 300610
M.O.Q 1,000 ea
Keywords thread lifting, PDO thread lifhing, cog thread lifing, PDO cog thread lifhing
Seller ID layunkor


[Company Introduction]

Value Creating Company that manufacture regenerative medicine products.

We, Layunkorea, pursue the creation of a solution for hair loss, obesity, pain, etc. using skin regenerative medicine. 

Large-scale demonstration

Our personal is composed by highly specialized doctors in regenerative medicine that provide support and perform treatments to demonstrate the effectivity of our product at customer's demand.

Customized production supply capacity

We can customize our production acording to client's needs, and delivery as fast as possible thanks to our collaboration with certified manufacturers.

Faster customer responsiveness and continuous care

We can provide help to our customers whenever, as well as supply up-to-date information about the shipment, products and treatments.

[Product Description]

We developed thread lifting products such as ReNEW by Cog Corset used for giving face and body an overall lifting when skin shows light to mid sagginess and wrinkles and ReNEW by mono used for skin tightening.

ReNew by Cog is a PDO suture with one-way or two-way COG Thread. It's safe, with less side effects than other procedures and provide good results and natural look.
ReNEW by Cog optimized tissue anchoring performance in skin and tendons improve lifting and provide a longer lasting result. Cog direction and angle are designed to grab and pull the skin up after insertion. It will not move or fall for its position once inserted.

For skin tightening, we created ReNew By Cog Mono, a single non-barbed thread that produces and stimulates collagen production stopping aging process and giving the skin a youthful look.

Do not require hospitalization and recovery process take very short time.

Layun Korea products are KFDA, ISO and CE certificated and only authorized for medical use.
All products came sterilized and indicated for one single use. Its reuse or re-sterilization is strictly prohibited.

[Product specification]

Merits of ReNew Cog Corset®

- Safe and soft with W-cannula type

- Effective lifting grip part (spiral cog)

- Long lasting retention part (spiral king cog)

- Individually packing of minimum quantity (2ea)

[Product Features]

PDO Threads

- Barbed Type : ReNew by Cog(Corset, Double loc)

- Mono Type

Company Information

company information
Contact Person YUN JI HYE
Tel Fax
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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