Safety Micro filer syringe, Filtering-ampoule glass dust, Safety-nurse(Pd No. : 3024073)

(Updated : Jan/09/2017)
product information
Model Nm Safety Micro Filter Syringe
HS CODE 901831
Ceritification CE
ISO:!3485, CE
Keywords ‘filter needle’, ‘filter syringe’, ‘safety needle’, ‘micro filter needle’, ‘micro filter syringe’
Seller ID zamatmedical

1. Micro filter syringe II

Micro filter syringe II is easy-to-use injection syringe designed to protect patients and healthcare workers from danger of harmful glass dust or vial’s rubber caused by opening a glass ampoule.

Micro filter syringe II is a product that the filter is inserted inside the syringe. This type of syringe is the world's first.

-It is the same function with filter needle

-Filter type: stainless steel 316 L material, silicon valve

-It's available both ampoule and vial

-Bifunctional syringe Filtering and Injection

- Filter performance: It can filter more than 5㎛ foreign substance

- No need to exchange filter needle to injection needle

2. Safety micro filter syringe

Safety micro filter syringe is combined with micro filter syringeⅡ and safety needle for the safety of healthcare-worker.

Safety needle was developed for protection of prick accident by needle.

It is covered with the safety cap in a general needle.

Micro filter syringeⅡ is available all of general needle, therefor Safety needle also can combine with micro filter syringeⅡ

The demand of safety syringe is increasing due to the obligatory use of safety syringe. This is only product that has Bifunction; filtering and safety

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company information
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Company ZAMATMEDICAL co,.ltd.
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