Duk-In Lite S, Fiberglass Casting Tape(Pd No. : 3013789)

(Updated : Sep/18/2017)
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Duk-In Lite 'S' has been designed for use in emergency treatment for fracture patients, minor fracture, sprain, etc.

[Product Specification]

Economical Use

    Use it the same way with plaster bandage. Its high strength saves the amount of use.

Excellent Moldin

    Patient can move after 30 minutes of application.
    Perfect penetration. Able to see through it using X-ray.

Great Water Proof

    Due to porosity, it is well ventilated and not affected by water or moisture.

Various Colors

    There are white, green, blue and pink and depending on the order quantity, desired color can be ordered.

[Purpose of Using Casting Tape]

- Reduction and Fix of fracture 

- Prevention and Fix of deformation
- Support and Stabilization of joint 
- Effective solution of pain

[Kind of Cast]

- Short arm cast
- Long arm cast
Hanging arm cast
- Body cast
- Spica cast
- Short leg cast
- Long leg cast
- Cylinder cast
- Foot cast

[Kind of Base material]

- Plaster of Paris
- Fiber glass
- Polyester

Using Method


1. Cover the part to be treated with stockinette and put gauze bandage around.

2. First wear glove(must), open Duk-in Lite "Poly", soak it in room temperature water for 5-10 seconds and 

    brush off the water.

3. Put bandage around the affected part overlapping 1/2~2/3 of the bandage.

4. In general, put 3~4 layers but for the part that needs to support body weight put 5~6 layers.

5. After 3~15 minutes of application setting is ready and 20 minutes after setting, it can perfectly support the


6. When kept in under 24°C dry place the shelf life is 2 years. As the product would be hardened when there

    is a hole in sealed package, please make sure that the package is not damaged.

[Products Details]


Item No



 Packing / Carton



 2" x 4y (5cm x 360cm)

 10 Rolls / Box

 10 Boxes / Carton



 3" x 4y (7.5cm x 360cm)



 4" x 4y (10cm x 360cm)



 5" x 4y (12.5cm x 360cm)

※ Please contact us for the product other than those standard products.

Duk-In, established in 1974 as a manufacturer of casts and splints used to treat external fixation in orthopedics, is working hard under the corporate ideologies of passion, creation, and challenge, to lead the business based on technological development and the steady quality improvements carried out in the last 40 years.
The excellent quality of Duk-In products has already been acknowledged in major countries where our products are exported to, such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Iran, Taiwan, Thailand, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, as well as famous university hospitals in Korea.
We promise to continue launching new products in diverse fields based on the know-how we have accumulated in the last 40 years and current technology. In addition, we are working hard to become a company trusted by people worldwide by building global partnerships.
Thank you.

Company Information

company information
Contact Person James Choi
Company Duk-In Co.,Ltd
Address 3-8 Hwanam Local Industrial Complex, 134 Hwanamgongdan-ro, Seoshin-myeon, Hwasung City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Homepage www.dukin.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/duk-in--EC058798
Tel 027372311 Fax 027390891
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