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Hans Biomed's Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants have a long history of clinical reliability and safety for surgeons and patients worldwide. By combining durability, close attention to detail in design, careful manufacturing, and quqlity control, Hans implants contribute to successful aesthetic results in both cosmetic augmentation and reconstructive breast surgery.


The product has superior resistance to gel fragmentation and migration on rupture or crack and feel like natural tissue. Moreover, the shells of the products exceed the international standards for physical and mechanical testing. The unique multi-x-x-x-x-x-x-layer technology of the company reduces the rupture rate. The textured surface decreases the incidence of capsular contraction. The quality for shell is managed through tests as below;

     - Tensile strength

     - Percent elongation

     - Breaking strength

     - Tensile Set

     - Tear strength

     - Seam & Seal strength

     - Shell leakage test

     - Fatigue test

     - Impact resistance test 



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When selecting a lipstick, we take special care that the item should enhance our appearance, and that it protects the lips and is not harmful if applied wrongly.  It is even more important when ingesting something or placing an item within the body for cosmetic or restorative surgery.  A company that takes rupture rates of gel breast implants and potential damage caused upon rupture very seriously, perhaps as seriously as the look of the cosmetic enhancement itself, is Hans Biomed of Korea. They have a solid reputation for clinical reliability amongst cosmetic surgeons and patients all over the world.


The in-house testing of Hans Biomed gel implant shells and gel creates greater clinical reliability.  Hans Biomed’s shell of their implants exceeds international standards in testing situations.  They use mutli-x-x-x-x-layer technology that greatly reduces the rupture rates. And they claim that by texturing the surface it creates a reduction in the likelihood of the capsule contracting.  During manufacture, the implants are tested for tensile strength, percentage of elongation, breaking strength, seam and seal strength, fatigue and impact resistance. The testing results are available on the Hans Biomed website and as a patient, enhanced information will be made available by your clinic. 


Hans Biomed silicone gel implants carry international standard safety endorsements and first rate client reassurance features.  The silicone gel implant products are all manufactured to ISO 13485 and EN 12180 standards within their hygienic facilities.  The company frequently develops new products to serve the needs of surgeons and hospitals all over the world, largely as a product of their vast experience in the field.  Hans Biomed Bella Gel gives you the added value of being able to present your clients with a lifetime guarantee for the technology, a claim and substance that has seen them being awarded contracts where others have failed.


There are complex and multiple dimensions to how Hans Biomed earned their superior quality ratings.  Hans Biomed achieves superior claims not just through rigorous testing but also through design features.  Hans Biomed claims that the barrier x-x-x-x-layer prevents gel or oil penetration, the world’s thinnest juncture between the shell and patch which it is claimed disperses stress evenly.  And they claim that they have an equally controlled thickness on the top and the bottom for the even distribution of stress.  All materials used by Hans Biomed are approved by the U.S. FDA, both for safety and ease into the market, since it is also a comparable standard in many regions.



Clinical Applications

More than merely cosmetic implants for augmentations, Hans Biomed’s gel implants are indicated for reconstruction following mastectomy, breast and chest wall abnormalities and contour correction of congenital abnormalities.



Shapes and Styles

In order to fulfill the clinical applications, Hans Biomed creates many shapes and styles of implants.  Hans Biomed silicone gel implants come in two styles, smooth round style and textured round style.  Sizes, for example within the catalogue for the textured round style within the natural profile range from a projection of 30mm up to 43mm; from 33mm to 48mm for a rational profile; from 36mm to 60mm for a high profile; and from 46mm to 66mm for an ultra-high profile and correspondingly incremental increases in diameter and volume in each (please view the charts for exact details, there is a variation in projection between the textured and smooth styles). 



What do customers say?

Clients and patients speak highly of Hans Biomed implants.  Hans Biomed is recently directly quoted in leading articles about European and Atlantic clinics and suppliers as being better choices than its competitors and even a customer relations reassurance in the face of adversities such as callbacks or product suspicions by other suppliers.  While complementary to be a preferred face saver, it’s not all the company is about and prevention far exceeds cure where silicone gel breast implants are concerned.  The in-house and industry-safety awards are additional and first reassurances to customer-driven endorsement that Hans Biomed implants are the premier contemporary choice.



Hans Biomed are also complementarily involved in other cosmetic surgery product sales and development projects and adjacent bio industries.  Specifically, Hans Biomed have more products for cosmetic surgery, dentistry orthopedics and burns.  Hans Biomed are listed on the Korean stock exchange, the KOSDAQ, and as of September 30, 2011, Hans Biomed had one wholly owned subsidiary, Hans Biomed USA, Inc. 


Hans Biomed Corporation

Name: Sam Ok Tel: 82-70-7820-6514

Homepage: www.hansbiomed.com

Hans Biomed Corp as the leading biomedical engineering company in Asia has been producing high quality products to overseas market as well as domestic market. In 2009, we were the first to be listed on KOSDAQ in the field, and transforming into the world’s best company through the biomedical engineering technology with competitive products and outstanding workforce.

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company information
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